We provide a wide range of ingredients for animal nutrition, including proteins, fiber, sweeteners, and by-products, ensuring high nutritional value and functional benefits.

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Aquaculture is a dynamic industry that is rapidly growing; approximately 50% of all consumed fish come from it. The quality of fish and shrimp is closely linked to their nutrition.

Plant proteins, such as vital wheat gluten, represent an ideal and highly functional alternative to traditional feeds for fish and other aquatic organisms.

Wheat gluten possesses properties essential for binding feeds into pellets or granules. Its water insolubility helps prevent rapid pellet breakdown; its viscoelastic properties ensure a chewy texture that is more readily accepted than extremely hard pellets; wheat gluten is suitable for various air application methods, whether surface or deep fillings; and additionally, it provides high nutritional value.

Food for pets

Vital wheat gluten is widely used in the food industry. It is employed in the production of simulated meat for canned pet food, as well as in cans and products with moderate moisture. Its ability to absorb water and bind fat improves product yields and quality. In dry dog biscuits, adding gluten to the dough before baking increases resistance to breakage during packaging and transport. It is also an excellent source of protein, contributing to the nutritional value of foods.

Potato protein has been used in the feed industry for many years. It is part of products with ultra-high protein content as an alternative to rice protein or corn gluten, especially in diets aimed at elimination.

Pea protein, whether in concentrate or isolate form, is often used in various formats of pet foods, from injected treats to wet foods. It has a positive consumer perception and contributes to food functionality, making it ideal for innovations in pet food and treats.

Fiber is a significant supplement for pet foods, improving viscosity and increasing fiber content.

Potato starch is used in canned pet foods to firm up loaf or chunks, as well as in the production of gels and sauces. In extruded pet foods, it improves texture and granule expansion. Compared to wheat and corn starch, it has better expansion capabilities.