The number of applications of starch is practically limitless. It is suitable for any purpose where high viscosity or the ability to provide good gelling or adhesive properties is required. These are just some additional industries where starch is used.

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Starch plays a key role in the production of gypsum plasterboards by protecting the gypsum crystals, which ensure the bond between the gypsum core and the paper. These crystals on the edges of the board dehydrate and break at high temperatures in the dryers. Starch retains water during drying and protects the crystals from dehydration. Excessive dehydration can cause the paper to peel off from the core of the board.

Pharmaceutical industry

The main use of starch in pharmaceutical preparations includes its role as a binder and filler for tablets and capsules, as a coating and dusting material for various types of coatings, including sugar and enteric coatings. Starch is also widely used in dry granulation techniques, especially where the active ingredients are hygroscopic.


Starch is used in the textile industry as a sizing agent. Sizing is used to strengthen the yarn to prevent breakage during weaving. This process improves printability and makes the material water-resistant. Starch is also used in the textile industry as a stiffener for clothes, known as laundry starch.

Oil drilling

Starch is used to reduce fluid loss in various water-based drilling fluids and has favorable secondary effects on mud rheology. During well drilling, fluid (mud) is pumped into the hole to clean and cool the drill bit and to flush cuttings from the drill crown to the surface.

Yeast filtration

A solution of potato starch creates a layer on the vacuum drum, preventing the suction of yeast cells.

Biodegradable packaging

Industrial starch is used in combination with biodegradable polymers to produce eco-friendly packaging that can naturally decompose into basic elements such as carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.